Digital Seasons of Life Launches Oklahoma Website

by admin ~ February 1st, 2010

Digital Seasons of Life recently launched a new website for Oklahoma business, Grooms Irrigation.  Grooms is a full service irrigation and landscaping company in Edmond, Oklahoma.  “Being able to provide a wide range of services to Oklahoma homeowners and businesses, is important to the growth of our business” said co-owner, Travis Grooms.

Digital Seasons of Life created a website with premium features including video, a slideshow, online contact form, a gallery and a blog for marketing purposes.  Grooms new website provides information to potential clients seeking quality irrigation and experienced landscapers.

Grooms also designs and builds swimming pools, hardscapes, drainage options, rain harvesting and night lighting.

Visit Digital Seasons of Life for your website quote.   Whether you need a basic site or one with all the bells and whistles, we can help you!

Free U.S. Marine Graphic for Websites or Blogs 1

by admin ~ January 30th, 2010

Show your patriotism or support of our troops by displaying this image of the U.S. Marines.  Taken at the Recruit Depot in San Diego, Graduation day brings tears to even the toughest parent. These young men have worked hard to become  Marines.  They and their families make sacrifices to ensure Americans continue to enjoy their freedoms.  Thank you Marines!


Digital Seasons of Life in Oklahoma, offers this free U. S. Marine design for noncommercial purposes for websites, blogs,  & e-newsletters.  A credit line is appreciated.

The resolution and size is not suitable for print.

See more patriotic graphics at:

Designs may be purchased for commercial purposes.

Oklahoma City Websites with Word Press

by admin ~ November 20th, 2009

Oklahomans often ask us what software we use to build our websites?  We are also asked what blogging platform or Content Management System would we recommend?  Word Press, Word Press and Word Press!    Why?  

(1)  It is  easy for clients to add content, update text and pictures. 
(2)  It is flexible and  has a host of features that can be added.
(3)  It does well in search engine rankings.

It is no surprise to us  that Word Press was awarded the Overall Best Open Source CMS Award.

Free Blog or Website Header of “Faces of Diversity”

by admin ~ May 2nd, 2009

The diversity of faces and people represented in this free blog or website header is perfect for psychologists, writers, social workers and human resource people of the world!   We can visualize this header on sites that write about life’s contradictions,  the quirkiness of humanity, different  personalities, frustration in the workplace, etc, etc.   A “people person” will love this header! 

This blog header is free for all uses except any purpose that is illegal in the USA.  Digital Seasons of Life’s ® only request is that our website address remain visible.  Further details for unbranded version or more free headers.  

We can also customize this header with your site name or tagline.

(right click to save to your computer)

Free Blog or Web Site Header of Horses

by admin ~ April 27th, 2009

This free blog or web site header is of  Neptune’s Wave of Horses.  Horse enthusiasts will be drawn to the line up of horses hidden in the rolling, crashing wave. The color theme is gray/blue and cream.    Painting was done by Walter Crane, 1892. 

This blog header is free for all uses except any purpose that is illegal in the USA.   Digital Seasons of Life’s ® only request is that you leave our website address visible.   Further details for unbranded version or more free headers.  We can also customize the header with your site name.


(right click to save to your computer)

Free Blog or Website Header for the Guitarist

by admin ~ April 23rd, 2009

The guitarist or music lover will appreciate this free blog or website header.  The closeup of the guitar hole and strings vibrates with acoustical sound.  The color of the wood projects a warmth to your visitors.  

This blog header is free for all uses except any purpose that is illegal in the USA.  The only request that Digital Seasons of Life® has is that you leave our website address visible.   Further details for unbranded version or more free headers.

 guitar2-900-x-180-branded (right click to save to your computer)  

Free Header for Blogs or Websites: trees

by admin ~ April 22nd, 2009

Digital Seasons of Life® offers this free blog or web site header for the tree lover or tree hugger.  Give your web site or blog a fresh look and enjoy  the forest view!  

This blog header is free for all uses except any purpose that is illegal in the USA.  Our only request is that you leave our web site address visible.     Further details for unbranded version or more free headers.

(Right click to save to your computer)     760 x 150 pixels

Monument Valley Free Blog Header

by admin ~ April 21st, 2009

Digital Seasons of Life® offers a free blog or web site header of the beautiful Monument Valley.  Those who have traveled to the Southwest of USA, can appreciate the amazing red rock formations.  These statues are the remaining remnants of sandstone layers that covered the entire area.

Monument Valley is located within the Navajo Indian Reservation on the Utah and Arizona borders.

This blog header is free for all uses except any purpose that is illegal in the USA.   Further details for unbranded version or more free headers.

monument_valley-760-x-150-b   (Right Click to save to your computer)

Keeping Your Oklahoma Website Up To Date.

by admin ~ April 8th, 2009

For those Oklahomans, who didn’t learn about computers and websites in high school, we’ve had to navigate a huge abyss of technical knowledge the last 20 years and it continues at lightning speed.  “Keeping up to date” is a challenge.

If you own an Oklahoma business, you likely are aware of how important it is to “keep up” with consumer trends.  “Keeping up with the latest” is important to business. 

If you have a website, it is important that you “keep it up to date.”   A site that looks dated with old information, dated colors and design, does not reflect well upon you as a business owner.  The subtle message is, “if your site looks old and dated, your product must be old and dated.”   Not good for business!

Imagine nothing changing in your favorite store.  Once you’ve visited, you’ve seen it all.   Just like a store replenishes its shelves with new products, a website must be replenished with new information.  If there is no new information, no new specials, no new products, no updates in appearance, why should anyone come back after they’ve seen it once?

Updating your website weekly or monthly with new content will attract return visitors.   Giving your website  a new makeover every 5 – 10 years shows your business is “keeping up to date.”

Why Does an Oklahoma Business Need A Website?

by admin ~ March 27th, 2009

Why does an Oklahoma business need a website? Why does an Oklahoma business need a business card?  Why does an Oklahoma business need to advertise?

•  People need to be able to find information about your business and products.  Now days, people search the Internet before they go to the telephone book.

•  The Internet is an economical way to advertise.  The major cost of web hosting annually is less than $100.  After the initial onetime cost of website creation, the annual maintenance cost  of a CMS (Content Management System) is unbelievably low.  There is no comparison to the amount of information that can be shared on a website as opposed to an ad in the Yellow Pages.

•  In today’s technology culture, a website gives your business credibility.  If you have a store on main street, you put up a sign.  To have an Oklahoma business presence, you put up a website. 

•  The convenience factor of potential customers researching your products and business around the clock 24/7, is hard to beat.  Customers can find information about you on the weekends and late at night.  Though your Oklahoma doors may be closed, your website is not.

If you have something to sell, knowledge to share, a service to provide to Oklahoma, you need a website!

Website Criteria

by admin ~ March 20th, 2009

When we design a website, it is not only a reflection of the new owner, but a reflection of Digital Seasons of Life. ®   According to our standards, a website must have the following criteria:

1)  Attractive design and colors
2)  Easy to navigate
3)  Pages load quickly
4)  Search Engine friendly
5)  Easy for clients to make basic changes
6)  Free of clutter and easy on the eye
7)  Communicates positively the purpose and mission of the client


Website Promotion

by admin ~ March 13th, 2009

When your website is up and running, you must promote it! Just because you build it, doesn’t mean they will automatically come! “Advertise” your website address on everything:   business cards, brochures, signs, invoices and all correspondence.

When you talk to customers on the phone, direct them to the website to find out more information about your products and services. If you have signs on your building, put up your web address for passing traffic. 

At the very least, have your website address on your door, so if people come when your facility is closed, they can still visit you online!! Your website is open 24/7!

Why do I need a blog?

by admin ~ March 6th, 2009

Blogging has become a popular marketing tool. Consumers are researching products online before purchasing. The higher the cost, the longer they spend time researching.

Is a blog appropriate for your business or organization?
1. Does your target group use the internet?
2. Does your purpose include education of your target group?
3. Do you have news or helpful information to share with your clientele on a regular basis?
4. Do you have the time, interest or personnel to maintain the blog?
5. Do you want to attract potential clients/customers with online marketing?

Digital Seasons of Life ® can build you a website and blog combination… contact us today!  

Choosing a Web Designer

by admin ~ March 1st, 2009

When you are choosing a web designer, to save yourself time and money, consider these factors:

1) To be fair to the designer, be clear about your reasons for wanting a website and what you hope to accomplish by having one.

2)  What features/functions do you need?  Surf the internet, and find at least three to five websites that are appealing to you.  Tell the designer what it is you like about those websites and why you need those features.  Also tell the designer what you don’t like.

3)  If you are in too much of a hurry to do steps one and two, you will regret it later.  Wait until you’ve adequately researched the matter and have some clear goals and ideas in mind.  If you keep changing your plan, adding or taking away features, the cost will increase and so will the frustration. 

4)  Does the designer have the experience or sample portfolio to create the kind of site and features that you need?

5) If you are clear about what you need in a website or blog, a designer should be able to give you a fair quote on the cost. Be cautious when you are only given their hourly fee charge…..  with no estimation of time or total cost projection.

6  Does the designer have a Terms of Service? When and how much do you have to pay, what happens if they can’t deliver in the time or date given?  How far in advance do they schedule, how soon will they be able to start on your project?  Who provides the written information that will be displayed on the site? 

7.  Often times, designers are waiting on information from the client.  If you expect the designer to be completed by the due date, you will need to provide the information in a timely manner. 

Working your way thru these issues beforehand, will result in a more pleasant experience for you and your designer!

Oklahoma Website and Blog Designers

by admin ~ February 28th, 2009

New website and blog design is offered by Oklahoma’s premier graphic artists, Digital Seasons of Life. To be viable and credible in this day and age, every business, every organization, profit or nonprofit, needs to communicate it’s mission and purpose thru the web.

We specialize in websites that may include a blog, newsletter, online forms for quotes, video or enhanced digital photos. We will create a dynamic, graphic design to positively represent your company or organization. Our sites are free of clutter, search engine friendly, and load quickly. Contact Us today!

Your Billboard to the World!

by admin ~ June 25th, 2008

With a blog or website, imagine your readership circling the earth! You can make a difference by staking your claim on the internet highway.

The first thing you need is a domain name so that people can find you on the internet. Do your research and choose this wisely. If you have a business, it is most wise to find a domain name that is close to your business name. It should be simple, catchy, easy for people to remember.

After registration of a domain name, there will be an annual fee to retain ownership. Discounts can be found by paying for several years in advance.